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Your event is more than just a show. It’s a chance to touch people's hearts and engage with your audience, whatever form it takes—and you need your execution to soar. Trupixel handles the technical aspects of an event, from logistics and design to production, so that you can focus on making sure your concepts are brought to life.

Sound can transform an experience. Just ask anyone who frequents conferences, why the audio quality is so important. Trupixel’s experts will position and tune your sound to achieve the maximum results. Not just maximum volume—we aim for sound quality over pure output. Everyone needs their voice heard with the best clarity and no garbled exchanges. Getting high-definition sound without loss of quality is one of our top priorities, and one of our specialties.

You have the content. Trupixel helps you bring it to life. We maintain and operate the equipment that displays your content for your audience. Whether it’s a presentation or a carefully-edited video, to properly capture an audience, you need an expert eye for the visual. We’ll make sure your video has the maximum impact for your screen time by ensuring the best quality for all viewers. Trupixel-enhanced video experiences are the kind that event-goers will talk about long after the event.

How does lighting stack up to audio and visual quality? Good lighting enhances both. Great lighting brings them to life. We want your viewers to do more than just observe. We want them to participate, and be a part of a memorable experience. The right lighting highlights the moments you want to focus on and bolsters the mood so that your event feels like a truly living experience rather than just a show.

Trupixel streamlines the process of equipment rentals because filling out paperwork isn’t putting on a show. We want you to get to the lights, cameras, action, so we can help you direct your event into a blockbuster.

Execute your live video production vision. We provide a variety of personalized live streaming or pre-recorded services to stream to your customers, staff, or selected audience. Deliver your message to larger audiences in new and dynamic ways.

Our passion is creating the kind of experience for your audience that will become a resounding success. We’ll go the extra mile every time. If you need a custom setup and can’t figure out the logistics, we’ll explore every option. If you want a particular lighting scheme that won’t work with your space, we’ll find a way to make it work with custom pieces and smart engineering.

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We know you only get one chance to make an impression with an event, and we know how important lights, sound, and even scene composition are in creating the ultimate interactive experience. We’ll work with you to figure out the best placement, execution, and getting the kind of performance that will keep people talking about your event.

The experts at Trupixel have been doing this for many years. We’ve got the insights into what your event needs and the experience to bring it home. If you want to create something more than just an event, Trupixel is on your side. We want to help bring forth the truly remarkable experience that lives inside your vision and ignites the hearts of your audience.




Our experts have been putting events together for a long time. We can look at a situation and see more than just the obvious, finding ways to light, frame, and run audio for your event that you might not have even considered.


There is likely no one “right” way to produce an event. Working with your team, Trupixel will help craft the event the way you feel it should be, even if it redesigning your space to suit your vision.


Take a look at just some of our recent satisfied clients. Trupixel proudly claims these events as highlights of our work, just as we help set up the highlights to frame your performance as one to remember for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything! We provide a complete live technical service, from audio and video to camera work and production management. Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible support for their projects. “No” isn’t a word we like at Trupixel!

Short answer is yes. Longer answer: Yes, absolutely! We have worked with a tremendous variety of clients on so many different projects, and often we are called upon to work outside our scope. We are willing to do this, or find out who can, because Trupixel cares about its clients and we understand the need to have a memorable product or event.

Yes, we do. We can handle both large and small events. Whatever the size or your technical demands, Trupixel can adapt to your needs. We’ll address every detail to make sure your presentation is exactly the way you wanted to present it.

Trupixel always guarantees customer satisfaction because we never stop working until you are satisfied. We offer additional guarantees on a per-client basis to ensure deadlines and technical expectations are exceeded.

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